Study Inspiration King Jeongjo of Joseon

너무 많이 담으려다 제대로 담지 못한 '역린' : 영화·애니 : 문화 : 뉴스 : 한겨레모바일
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In 2014 film “Fatal Encounter”, actor Hyun Bin depicted King Jeong Jo, 22nd ruler of Joseon Dynasty of Korea, as a charismatic but calm and taciturn leader who reformed the country. The real Jeong Jo was indeed known for bold reform policies that sought to give talented people a chance to work for the progress of the nation regardless of their social status.

But he was also known for his fiery temper, dedication to bettering the lives of commoners, and passion for studying & reading.

Let’s take a close look at one of the most interesting and competent kings of Joseon Dynasty.

문화]'역린' 현빈의 '정조' 호평과 혹평 사이 | YTN
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Historical records show that King Jeong Jo frequently reprimanded the royal public officials, “What do you know?”- a scathing line that the officials couldn’t possibly refute, because it was true.

Known for always poring over his books despite his massive workload, when officials were unable to find an appropriate line from the books, Jeong Jo would often say something like, “The line you’re looking for is from book __, page ___, line ___, but that is not the appropriate line to use in this context. It reads ___ from book __, page ___, line ___, so use this line instead. The line states ‘ __’, take this down instead.”

조선왕조 역사의 한 부분 정조의 이야기 역린
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When public officials later cross-checked against the book, they were stunned to see that the line Jeong Jo had uttered was not even single character different from what was actually written in the book.

규장각 - 위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전
Photo credits “Gyujanggak”, the royal palace library

This was possible because Jeong Jo had the habit of delving deep into the books he read to the point of memorizing them. He would first read a book, write summaries based on the book, then read the summary in comparison to the original book, write down his opinions and analysis on the lines, re-read again, and repeat this whole process until he was satisfied he had fully internalized the book.

He loved reading so much that he would talk about books with his mother Lady Hyegyeong as well.

김성령(혜경궁홍씨 역) 역린(2014)The Fatal Encounter (Hangul: 역린; RR: Yeokrin; lit. The  King's Wrath) is a 2014 South Korean film based on a real-life assassinat…  | 영화, 그림, 드라마
Photo credits Actress Kim Sung Ryung, who starred as “Lady Hyegyeong”, the mother of King Jeongjo in 2014 film “Fatal Encounter”

When he asked public officials in passing, “What books are you reading now?” and the flustered officials answered that they were too busy to read, Jeong Jo replied, (loosely translated) “It is not that you are unable to read, but that you are choosing not to read. You must have little spare time because of your workloads, but it would not be difficult if you seek to read one article a day. If you read like this regularly, you will be able to… (read many books).”

Kings of Joseon usually held “gyeong-yeon”s, during which they learned through debates with court officials on various books, documents and various topics. But one day, Jeong Jo declared to the court officials, “I have no more to learn from you, so I will do the teaching from now on.” and created “cho-gye-mun-sin-je”, through which he discovered talented court officials of middle to low ranks. Although “gyeong-yeon”s had been a tradition for a long time, no court official dared to go against this change- all of them knew that they truly had nothing to teach him anymore.

경연 - 위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전
Photo credits How “gyeong-yeon”s looked like

In fact, records show that Jeong Jo occasionally nagged the officials, “Please study”. Considering the court officials themselves had been admitted to the royal palace through rigorous examinations and were themselves intellectual and highly educated, this shows how knowledgeable, sharp and well-read Jeong Jo was.

과거제 - 위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전
Photo credits Court officials had attained their positions by passing examinations

Jeong Jo was also well read in medicine, to the point that he prescribed his own medicine when he was sick. On this point, however, modern day Korean Medicine doctors are divided. While some say the medication Jeong Jo prescribed himself was a little strong but was apt, others state that considering Jeong Jo was constantly overworked, liked to drink and smoke, the stated medications were not appropriate for his condition.

Jeong Jo himself wrote quite a few books which are highly esteemed by scholars, including a book on millitary tactics. This was because he was not only just a bookworm but also an excellent archer, true to his bloodline of being a descendant of King Taejo (born Yi Seong Gye, first king of Joseon, well-known for his unparalleled archery skills).

나이스북 - 정기구독
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DB손해보험 공식 블로그 :: 알고 보면 더 재밌다! '육룡이 나르샤' 역사 상식
Photo credits King Taejo as depicted in drama “Six Flying Dragons” by actor Cheon Ho Jin

Far from being the calm and placid character Hyun Bin portrayed him to be in the 2014 movie, Jeong Jo was a king of fierce, hot-temper and sharp tongue. Court officials who entered into disputes with Jeong Jo never won, because all of Jeong Jo’s statements and orders were founded on indisputable reasoning, extensive knowledge and his fierce refusal to back down when it came to bettering the lives of the common people.

일간투데이 모바일 사이트, 정유역변, 영화 역린의 모티브 자세히 알고보니...
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From the historical records, it can be seen that flustered court officials often tried to stop Jeong Jo from swearing in anger. Jeong Jo swore when he saw it fit- when incompetent and/or self-centered court officials tried to go against attempts to put in place reform policies (An example of a reform policy court officials unsurprisingly went against, was admitting court officials only on the basis of examination results regardless of their social status or family background.)

해치' 권율 11번 낙방끝에 과거 합격? 박문수 전성시대는 지금부터
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It’s funny how sharp tongue and voracious reading habits seem to run in the family- Kings Taejong, Sejong, Yeongjo, Sukjeong, Gyeongjong and Yeongjo in the family line were also excellent debaters and speakers- although unfortunately, Jeongjo’s own son Sunjo was not strong enough to go against the will of the court officials and strengthen the position of the royal family.

육룡' 유아인, '유방원' 잊게한 新 이방원 등극 - 조선일보
Photo credits Taejong, as depicted by actor Yoo Ain in “Six Flying dragons”

Overall Jeongjo is regarded as a highly competent king who reformed the country and worked hard to improve the common people’s standard of living. He is also the only king of Joseon, who, after his death, court officials wrote on his tombstone, “Our king was indeed a sung-in.”, with “sung-in” referring to “a man of great virtue and wisdom whom we can learn from” (loosely translated).

Drama “Our Police Course” (2022)- Context: Korean National Police University

“Our Police Course” is a drama by Disney+ set to air in 2022, featuring

Shin Ye Eun,

JYPACTORS on Twitter: "신예은, 패션위크 참석 비하인드 공개! 시선 싹쓸이 미모! #신예은 #ShinYeEun… "
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Kang Daniel,

지방시뷰티, 강다니엘과 모델 재계약
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Min Do Hee,

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Chae Soo Bin, and more.

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Wi Sung Hyun (played by Kang Daniel) enrolled top in cohort into the Korean National Police University and is the son of chief of police of the Gyeonggi province. His plan of becoming just like his father, his role model, seems to be going well, all until he meets new people at the university.

Korean National Police University

Photo Credits

Established on 9th of March 1981, the Korean National Police University is located in Asan City of the Chungcheongnam Province in Sinchangmyeon, along Hwangsan Road.

경찰대학교 | PROJECT | HAEAHN Architecture
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After 4 years, the graduates of the university become police officers with the rank “gyeong-wi” (English equivalent: “inspector”). Considering that those who take other routes to become police officers (e.g. by taking exams without enrolling into police university) start out as “sun-gyeong”, which is three ranks below that of “gyeong-wi”,

and how slightly more than 50% of police officers in high ranks are graduates of the police university, it is no wonder most students who want to work in the police force aim for acceptance into the police university.

주원 소속사에서 올려준 드라마 앨리스 경찰 제복 사진.jpg - 스퀘어 카테고리
Photo Credits Actor Joo Won

Until November of 2018, the entirety of school fees for all police university students used to be paid by the government. However, things have changed and the students are paying fees which are about the same as those paid by university students in the Chungcheongnam Province from Years 1 to 3.

Only in Year 4 are they completely exempt from school fees. Year 4 students are also paid about 80% of the salary of a “gyeong-wi”, the officer rank they would attain after graduation.

신예은] 이렇게 예쁜 경찰은 처음! '사이코메트리 그녀석' 촬영 비하인드! : 네이버 포스트 | 포즈, 배우, 여배우
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Instead of paying for all years of school fees, the university now offers more scholarships, with the aim of allowing a large proportion of students to benefit from subsidized school fees. The mandatory minimum number of years a graduate has to work as a police officer has also been reduced from 6 years to 2 years.

영화/드라마에서 경찰제복이 찰떡이었던 남자배우 13명
Photo Credits Actor Lee Jun Ki

To enroll into the highly competitive police university, students have to pass 3 rounds of examinations.

The first round is an exam created by the police university itself and tests students on subjects like Korean, English and Math. This round is already considered quite challenging and given the time constraint and difficulty level, requires much practice.

이세영 경찰제복 - 포텐 터짐 최신순 - 에펨코리아
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The second round consists of

  1. Screening of various documents e.g. health test, school records, etc.
  2. Fitness test
  3. Interview
경찰 근무복 입고 '멍뭉미' 폭발한 '당잠사' 정해인 (사진 7장) - 인사이트
Photo Credits Actor Jung Hae In

The third round is “soo-neung”, the national university entrance examination that has to be taken by every high school student in Korea who wants to enrol into a university.

chus on Twitter: "'#이리와안아줘' #장기용, 졸업식장에서 '달걀 세례' 봉변당한 이유는? #ComeandHugMe… "
Photo credits Actor Jang Ki Yong

Enrolling into the university is extremely competitive. In simple terms, only the students who are fit, have no health issues, have excellent academic records and show potential to be competent police officers in the interviews, can qualify for the university.

라이브' 경찰은 편의점에서 물을 마실 때도 눈치본다
Photo credits Actress Jung Yumi

In 2019, a total of 5729 applied for 100 positions, making the competition ratio 57.29:1.

In 2020, a total of 4745 applied for 100 positions, making the competition ratio 47.45.

In 2021, a total of 4233 applied for 50 positions, making the competition ratio 84.66.

The stats are pretty self-explanatory- there’s a reason not everyone can become a police officer via the police university route.

싱글리스트 모바일 사이트, '비밀의숲2' 전혜진 “시즌1 정주행 후 결심, 검경 수사권 소재 흥미진진”
Photo credits Actress Jeon Hye Jin
2017’s comedy/action movie “Midnight Runners” featuring Park Seo Jun and Kang Ha Neul

FYI, if you’d like a glimpse into something similar to a life at the police university, check out the movie “Midnight Runners”!

“The Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi” (2021 drama)- Historical Context

Photo Credits Actress Kim Hye Yoon
BUSANNUYA 💗옥택연 Twitter પર: "태겨니 인스타 프로필 바꼈는데~ 오매오매 진짜 미남이시네요 ㅠㅠ 선명하게 했더니  ㅠㅠ눈돌아가게 잘생기신분이 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ #옥택연 #택연 #TAECYEON #テギョン… "
Photo credits 2PM member and actor Ok Taecyon

Ok Taecyeon and Kim Hye Yoon are set to star in 2021’s upcoming tvN historical comedy drama “The Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi” (literal translation)!

The plot will revolve around Ra Yi Eon (played by Taecyeon), an undercover secret inspector who works to expose corruption in local provinces, and Kim Jo Yi (played by Hye Yoon), a divorced woman who doesn’t think divorce is a big deal despite living in the traditional Joseon era.

증명사진 찍나”, “몰입 깨진다” 말 나온 '빈센조' 옥택연 연기 (영상) | 위키트리
Photo credits Drama “Vincenzo” (2021)

This 16-episode series will be Taecyon’s first saguek (historical drama/movie), and Hye Yoon’s first full saguek drama too, although she briefly featured in a few saguek scenes in “Extraordinary you”.

어쩌다 발견한 하루 | GO! MBC
Photo credits Drama “Extraordinary you” (2019)

Saguek is quite a challenge for even veteran actors and actresses, because the success of a saguek relies on many factors beyond a good storyline and directing.

It requires all actors to adopt the apt Joseon era saguek accent and speech pattern, and actually look like they fit into the era- there have been unfortunate instances where actors who do excellently in dramas/movies set in the modern era don’t fit in as seamlessly in a saguek as they might be expected to simply because their features or mannerisms are not exactly compatible with a saguek backdrop.

On the other hand, there are actors, who, for not only the compatibility of their looks with hanbok and a historical background, but also for their excellent acting, shine even more in saguek. Kim So Hyun and Seo Hyun Jin, for instance, are two of the many actresses called “saguek queens”.

서현진, 화려한 한복 자태 공개 '동양미 물씬' - 조선일보
Photo Credits Seo Hyun Jin, applauded for her excellent acting in saguek

Saguek is also called the “ultimate acting test” platform, because actors can no longer rely on just blending their modern personality traits and habits with that of their characters- they have to almost completely adopt new personae fitting for a saguek.

Photo credits Kim So Hyun, another actress who seamlessly fits into a saguek

But given the excellent acting chops of both Taecyon and Hye Yoon, “The Secret Inspector and Jo Yi” seems definitely worth looking forward to! So as we wait for the series to start, let’s first take a look at the interesting and never-dealt-with concept of divorce for women in the Joseon era.

~ * ~

Divorce in the Joseon Era

In the Joseon era (Years 1392 ~ 1897), there were chiefly two ways in which divorce of a married couple could be carried out.

First, if, regardless of the will of the husband and wife, the authorities ordered their divorce for whatever reason. Second, if the husband demanded divorce from his wife.

There were 7 reasons for which a husband could demand divorce and 3 circumstances under which he could not, the 10 reasons combined called the “Chil chul sam bul guh”.

옛말 '원녀' '광부' 뜻밖의 유행…역사학자에게 묻다 - 노컷뉴스
Photo Credits A scene in the drama “100 days my prince” featuring a wedding in the Joseon era

7 reasons for which a husband could demand divorce:

  1. Wife did not fulfil her rightful duties as daughter-in-law
  2. Wife could not give birth to a son
  3. Wife had an affair
  4. Wife was jealous
  5. Wife had a serious genetic disease
  6. Wife was involved in disputes/slandering, etc.
  7. Wife had a tendency to steal
백일의 낭군님 출연진
Photo credits

Situations in which a husband could actually demand divorce from his wife on the basis of the above 7 reasons was very rare, however. Although it was undeniable that the societal status of women was lower than that of their equal-rank male counterparts, most husbands and wives talked things out through conversation.

In fact, husbands who did divorce their wives on the basis of the 7 reasons were looked at with disdain and disapproval. There was, in fact, an official in the Joseon era who tried to chase out his aged wife on the basis of no.2, but was in fact chased out of his position and punished in court.

[포토뉴스] 500년 역사를 느낄 수 있는 양주 관아로 여행 떠나요
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Especially in the case of higher-ranking people of the status “yangban”, they tended to marry women who were also of the “yangban” status, and that meant that when a man demanded divorce from his wife, he faced the wrath and disapproval of his parents-in-law and possibly that of his own parents.

3 circumstances under which a husband could not demand divorce:

  1. Wife had nowhere to go back to if divorced from husband
  2. Wife spent three years of mourning with husband for the death of his parents
  3. Wife married husband when the latter was poor, and now the husband had gained wealth- aka, she went through vicissitudes and hardships with him
wedding Scarlet Heart Gwangjong | Sageuk: Korean Historical Dramas
Photo credits

Circumstance no. 3 was considered the most important of all.

Family centricity, community support and loyalty to country are still values highly prioritized in Korea, and they were even more so in the Joseon era. If a man tried to divorce his wife who went through the hardships with her husband and stood by her side, unless there were very strong, valid reasons, his application for divorce was likely to be rejected and he was condemned in society.

Pantothenic Acid Solaray Review

Rating: 5/5

I’ve been taking Pantothenic Acid Solaray pills for about 2-3 weeks now. I’m definitely going to purchase another bottle when I’m done with my current one.

Photo of my bottle of Pantothenic Acid capsules

To give some context about myself, I’m 20 year old, female and am experiencing mild acne. As those of you who have mild or more serious acne might know, having acne does not simply mean having breakouts.

The breakouts themselves tend to create not-so-pretty red spots and basically downgrade the texture, color and overall complexion of your skin.

Side view of blond woman in white blouse standing in bathroom looking closely at face skin in small mirror
Pexels by Andrea Piacquadio

I’ve tried different good-for-acne products with varying degrees of success, and it’s safe to say that Pantothenic Acid Solaray capsules have brought consistent, visible improvements for my skin.

I purchased this bottle about a month ago upon a friend’s strong recommendation and was honestly skeptical.

“There’re so many products claiming to be good for acne out there- if they worked, why would acne even be a problem for so many people?”

I’ve tried so many different methods and products that are supposed to be good for acne that I’ve become a jaded skeptic when it comes to acne products. Sighs.

But given that the tablets were veg capsules and were 100% vegan, I figured they wouldn’t do any harm even if I gave them a try. Besides, a girl can dream- of the day one day she looks into the mirror and her skin is free of acne!

Photo of Woman Looking at the Mirror
Pexels by Andrea Piacquadio

To fully test the effectiveness of the capsules, I cut out the Eu Yan Sang TCM powder that I’ve been drinking with hot water (which have also done magic) and the Innisfree products I’ve been using. For almost 3 weeks I took, according to the instructions, 1 capsule a day after breakfast/lunch/dinner. (only 1 in the whole day!)

Within about 5 days, I was already seeing the effects, and so were my parents. Despite regularly going outdoors for workouts with exposure to the sun, my skin definitely looked better. The pinkness in my cheeks I have after workouts was not there anymore, and my skin color looked brighter.

As those of you with acne would know, acne skin has its ups and downs. (FYI if you can relate- you just happen to have great skin when you have nobody to meet and staying at home chilling, and your skin just has to get into trouble when you have an appointment/classes/meetings.)

So I waited, like someone who was just waiting to see my skin get back to its original state, determined not to be disappointed by high hopes.

It’s been 2-3 weeks, more than enough for the average period of my skin to experience a down after an up. And my skin is still better.

I’m still waiting to see how my skin would endure through various factors which tend to exacerbate acne, like exam period stress, but for now, I’m definitely satisfied. It’s a solid 5 out of 5.

11 Best Saguek OSTs

Great saguek (historical drama/movie) OSTs really seem to transport us back to Korea of the past with beautiful tunes that convey the Korean spirit of “han” (an emotion for which there is no equivalent word in any other language- a mixture of deep sorrow, resentment, longing, grief, anger) and their heartbreaking lyrics.

As Korean netizens only half-jocularly remark, (and I definitely agree) listening to these songs make us recall the past we’d never led when we were embroiled in heart-wrenchingly beautiful romance with a handsome man who wore a gat

The “gat”, the Korean traditional “hat” worn by men in the Joseon era

or had his hair in a heuk-seung.

달의 연인-보보경심 려' 이준기, 가면에 방해받지 않는 연기력…'호평' - 안은경 기자 - 톱스타뉴스
Photo credits Unmarried in the Goryeo era of Korea tied their hair back with a heuk seung (what Lee Jun Ki has in his hair visible in this photograph is just a decoration hair piece)
육룡이나르샤 싸늘한 눈빛에 상투까지 겉모습부터 도 달라진 이방원 유아인 정도전 김명민 의 계획을 듣고 충격에 휩싸인 이방원의 변화로  어떠한 폭풍이 몰아칠까요 | SBS | Scoopnest
Photo credits Married men in Goryeo had their hair up in what was called “sang too”

Let’s give these beautiful songs a listen 🙂

1. Sangsahwa by Ahn Ye Eun

Drama: “The Rebel” (2017)

MBC월화드라마 '역적' 인물관계도, 등장인물, 줄거리 파헤치기!!
Photo credits

2. Hong Yeon by Ahn Ye Eun

Drama: The Rebel (2017)

3. Miss You by Oliver

Drama: The king in love (2017)

왕은 사랑한다 원작 소설 줄거리 결말 비교하기 :: 드라마 노트
Photo credits
왕은 사랑한다> 첫 방송 D-9! 스페셜 포스터 공개! 무더위 날리는 청량美!
Photo credits

4. Sorrow song by Lim Jae Bum

Drama: Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love (2013)

김태희-홍수현! 팽팽한 기싸움! @장옥정, 사랑에 살다 20130618 - YouTube
Photo credits
장옥정, 사랑에 살다 16회 무료보기-SBS ALL VOD
Photo credits

5. Will be back by Im Sunhae

Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)

달의연인 - 보보경심 려, 배우 이지은을 만든 명품 드라마
Photo credits
달의 연인-보보경심 려 : 현대로 돌아온 이지은, 이준기 초상화 앞 오열 “혼자 둬서 미안해” : SBS
Photo credits

6. Because I miss you (Raon Ver) by Beige

Drama: Moonlight drawn by clouds (2016)

구르미 그린 달빛 | 디지털 KBS
Photo credits
구르미 그린 달빛' 김민정 작가가 밝힌 지난 1년의 이야기(인터뷰)-비즈엔터
Photo credits

7. The time after parting (literal translation)

Drama: Moonlight drawn by clouds (2016)

8. If I leave by Jo Soo Mi

Drama: Empress Myeongseong (2001)

사실상.. 명성황후 미화의 주범 - 포텐 터짐 최신순 - 에펨코리아
Photo credits

9. Destiny by Lee Sun Hee

Drama: Damo (2003)

Movie: The King and the Clown (2005)

벌써 17년 전, 레전드로 회자되는 드라마 '다모'의 종방연 사진 - 버터팝콘
Photo credits
왕의 남자 — 뉴욕한국문화원
Photo credits

10. Back in Time by Lyn

Drama: Moon embracing the sun (2012)

해품달> 김수현, 한가인과 극적 재회
Photo credits

11. Like the flower that blooms and withers (literal translation) by Cho Seung Woo

Movie: The Throne (2015)

송강호vs유아인, 팽팽한 연기대결 '사도'…캐릭터 포스터 - 연예 > 기사 - 더팩트
Photo credits
월간중앙 - 중앙시사매거진
Photo credits
방송]'비밀의 숲2' 조승우, 첫 스틸컷 공개… 다시 움직이는 황시목 | YTN
Photo credits Actor Cho Seung Woo, best known to the global audience for works like “Stranger” and “Sisyphus: The Myth”, sang this song

“Pipeline” (2021 movie) and more- 15 Action/Crime Genre K-movies

1. Pipeline (2021)

서인국X이수혁, 기름을 훔쳐라…영화 '파이프라인' 5월 개봉 확정
Photo credits

There’s a reason Korean netizens joke that Lee So Hyuk and Seo In Guk must have been husband and wife in their past lives- “Pipeline”‘s already their third work together! Before this 2021 May movie, they starred in “High School King of Savvy” (2014 drama) and “One Day Destruction Entered the Front Door of My House” (2021 drama) already!


Geon woo (played by Lee Soo Hyuk), who comes from an affluent conglomerate family, plans to steal oil from an underground tunnel in Korea. He hires ‘Pindol’ (played by Seo In Gook), the best driller in the country, and his team.

But with everyone involved in the project harboring a different motive, their plan starts to go haywire.

영화 [파이프라인] 유하 감독 신작, 2020년 개봉예정작 : 네이버 블로그
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Photo credits
서인국X이수혁 '파이프라인', 韓 최초 도유 범죄..훔친 기름으로 인생 역전? - 스타뉴스
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2. The Thieves (2012)

영화 도둑들 줄거리 및 결말 - 역대 영화 최고의 캐스팅
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My rating: 4.5/5


To steal the $20 million dollar “Tear of Sun” diamond, a group of professional thieves consisting of ‘Popie’ (played by Lee Jung Jae), ‘Yenicall’ (played by Jun Ji Jyun), ‘Chewing gum’ (played by Kim Hae Sook), ‘Zampano’ (played by Kim Soo Hyun) and ‘Pepsi’ (played by Kim Hye Soo) get together, all with different intentions.

Photo credits
Photo credits
영화 '도둑들'…이들 별명에 붙은 사연들은? - 채희지 기자 - 톱스타뉴스
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영화 도둑들 줄거리 결말
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3. The Collectors (2020)

도굴 | 다음영화
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My rating: 3.5/5


Curator Yoon (played by Shin Hye Sun), an antiques expert, offers a heist partnership to Kang Dong Goo (played by Lee Je Hoon), a skilled robber. Dong Goo works with mural expert ‘Dr. Jones’ (played by Jo Woo Jin) and a few others.

영화 '도굴', 고증 얼마나 세심할까? : 영화·애니 : 문화 : 뉴스 : 한겨레모바일
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도굴', 찐친 케미 발휘한 영화 촬영 현장 대공개[Oh!쎈 컷] - 조선일보
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도굴> 딱 예상한 재미와 뻔한 캐릭터
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도굴> 딱 예상한 재미와 뻔한 캐릭터
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4. The Swindlers (2017)

꾼 | 다음영화
Photo credits

My rating: 3.5/5


Ji Sung (played by Hyun Bin) is a swindler who only swindles swindlers. (wow that’s a mouthful) He works with Prosector Hee Soo (played by Yoo Ji Tae), Choon Ja (played by Nana), Chief Kim (played by An Se Ha) and Suk Dong (played by Bae Sung Woo) to catch Jang Doo Chil, a con artist who has been reported as dead, is rumored to be alive.

영화 꾼 줄거리&결말 현빈 유지태 꾼 이라고 하기엔 뭔가 아쉬운영화 : 네이버 블로그
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꾼 줄거리 & 결말(The Swindler, 2017년) - 범죄오락 영화
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영화 '꾼' 희대의 사기꾼에게 사기치는 진짜 '꾼'들의 활약 - 백세시대
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반전 있는 영화 '꾼', 신작 공세 불구 1위 독주···“2위와 두배 차이” - 인사이트
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꾼(2017)에게 어울리는 3단어 식상, 황당, 억지
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5. The man from nowhere (2010)

아저씨 (영화) - 위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전
Photo credits

My rating: 4.5/5


Tae Sik (played by Won Bin) is an ex-secret agent, who, after losing his beloved wife, retired from his actual job and lives a quiet life as the owner of a pawn shop. Having spent life completely alone after losing his wife, he makes his only friend- Somi (played by Kim Sae Ron), a little girl isolated from the rest of the world like he is. When Somi is kidnapped, Tae Sik goes on a bloody rampage to find and avenge those who kidnapped his only friend who calls him “Ajussi”.

이제야 알았다" 반응 쏟아지는 '아저씨' 원빈 대사 | 위키트리
Photo credits
00년생 김새론 근황 > 연예인포럼 | 딜바다닷컴
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영화 '아저씨', 원빈 빼고 새롭게 보니...
Photo credits
영화 '아저씨', 원빈 빼고 새롭게 보니...
Photo credits

6. New World

Photo credits

My rating: 4.5/5


Ja Sung (played by Lee Jung Jae) is an undercover police officer who has infiltrated the biggest crime organization in Korea for eight years. He is torn between loyalties to his police superior Chief Kang (played by Choi Min Sik) who threatens to expose his identity to the crime syndicate, and Jung Chung (played by Hwang Jung Min) of the syndicate, who treats him with real brotherly loyalty.

신세계 | 넷플릭스
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영화 '신세계', 468만 관객수 기록하고도 후속편 제작 지연 왜?…박훈정 감독 “영화 판권-배우들 출연료 문제 크다” - 이창규 기자  - 톱스타뉴스
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신세계 | 넷플릭스
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7. The king (2017)

영화가좋다 더킹( The King) 조인성 정우성 - YouTube
Photo credits

My rating: 3.6/5


Tae Soo (played by Jo In Sung) is a newbie prosecutor who wants to become powerful. He ends up joining a group of powerful prosecutors who have access to the kind of information, wealth and status that he’d never had before. As he enjoys the sweet taste of power, he also starts to see the dark, dirty side of power play and politics.

더킹>, 얼마나 지리멸렬하게 시대착오적인가!
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깡패같은 검사들의 세계, 영화 '더킹'이 말하는 것 - 매경프리미엄
Photo credits
더킹' 정우성X조인성, 화보 뺨치는 미공개 스틸 전격 공개
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8. The Suspect

용의자' EBS 한국영화특선 공유, 박희순, 조성하
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My rating: 3.7/5


Ji Dong Chul (played by Gong Yoo) is a North Korean soldier who’s lost his family and has been betrayed by his own country. To find the man who killed his daughter and wife, Dong Chul goes over to South Korea.

용의자> 액션의 끝판왕이 다 모였다 | YES24 모바일 문화웹진 채널예스
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공유 "어머니가 '용의자'같은 영화 찍지 말라고…" - 중앙일보
Photo credits
용의자] 그 동안의 공유는 잊어라! 영화 '용의자' 숨막히는 2시간 17분.
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9. The Villainess

My rating: 3.8/5


Sook Hee (played by Kim Ok Bin) has been raised a killer from young. Her organization promises her a free life if she works just 10 years for them. As an undercover agent Sook Hee lives the life of an ordinary housewife, but when her friendly nextdoor neighbor Hyun Soo (played by Sung Joon) approaches her, her life is completely upturned.

영화 '악녀'(The Villainess) 메인 예고편…김옥빈의 액션 본능 (김서형, 신하균, 성준) - YouTube
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Photo credits
악녀>는 왜 좋은 영화인가
Photo credits
영화 악녀 (The Villainess, 2017) 줄거리 결말
Photo credits

10. The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion

마녀 | 다음영화
Photo credits

My rating: 4/5


18 year old Ja Yoon (played by Kim Dami) is living an ordinary life with her parents and her best friend Myeong Hee (played by Go Minsi). To financially support her family, Ja Yoon joins an audition to earn some money. From the day she’s featured on TV, however, her ordinary life takes a dark turn as mysterious people who claim to know her past start haunting her.

영화 마녀 김다미, 마녀 2 출연 2021 개봉예정 : 일반 : 종교신문 1위 크리스천투데이
Photo credits
영화 마녀, 김다미 스타로 만든 영화!...줄거리! - 내외뉴스통신
Photo credits
조세금융신문 - 영화 '마녀2' 내년 개봉 불투명, 제작사가 밝힌 입장은?
Photo credits
영화 '마녀' 결말에 따라 '마녀 2편'은 언제 개봉?
Photo credits

11. Confidential Assignment

My rating: 4/5


Im Cheol Ryung (played by Hyun Bin), an officer in North Korea, is involved in a shoot-out that kills his wife, his colleagues and injures him. To prove his loyalty to the country, Im Cheol Ryung is ordered to capture Cha Gi Seong (played by Kim Joo Hyuk), who was responsible for the shoot-out. To catch Cha Gi Seong, who escaped to South Korea, North Korea and South Korea decide to cooperate. Detective Kang Jin Tae (played by Yoo Hae Jin) is given the order to watch over Im Cheol Ryung.

영화 `공조2` 제작…현빈·유해진 "출연 제안 검토中" - 스타투데이
Photo credits
한 팀이 될 수 없는 그들이 만난 공조 리뷰 혹은 후기 :: 바로가기
Photo credits
영화 '공조' 현빈·유해진 주연 출연, 남북 두형사의 화려한 액션 - 인사이트코리아
Photo credits
영화 - [공조] 윤아 장면 모음 (Confidential Assignment, 2016) - YouTube
Photo credits
피플IS 공조④] 히든카드 윤아, 욕심내도 될걸 그랬어 - 중앙일보
Photo credits

12. A Company Man (2012)

회사원 | 다음영화
Photo credits

My rating: 3.7/5


Hyeong Do (played by So Ji Sub) is a professional hitman, in fact one of the best in the industry. After falling in love with single mum Mi Yeon (played by Lee Mi Yeon), he tries to quit his job. Seeing him as a threat, his former employees at his workplace try to kill him.

회사원', 퇴사가 이렇게 힘들 줄이야 - 경기일보 - 1등 유료부수, 경기·인천 대표신문
Photo credits
회사원 줄거리 & 결말(A company man, 2012년) - 두얼굴의 직장생활
Photo credits
Photo credits

13. The Negotiation (2018)

협상 | 다음영화
Photo credits

My rating: 3.4/5

영화《협상·THE NEGOTIATION·2018》후기
Photo credits


Min Tae Goo (played by Hyun Bin), an infamous arms dealer, has kidnapped a few Koreans from Bangkok, including a reporter and even a police officer. Ha Chae Yoon (played by Son Ye Jin), a skilled crisis negotiator, is brought in to deal with the hostage situation.

영화 '협상' 현빈-손예진 '화기애애' :: 공감언론 뉴시스통신사 ::
Photo credits
협상' 현빈X손예진, 범죄영화로 만난 멜로장인들 "다음에 꼭 같이" | SBS연예뉴스
Photo credits
손예진-현빈 '협상', 영화 줄거리-손익분기점은? - 김효진 기자 - 톱스타뉴스
Photo credits
리뷰] 모니터 사이에 두고 벌어지는 숨 막히는 신경전… 영화 '협상' - 천지일보 - 새 시대 희망언론
Photo credits

14. Deliver us from evil

다만 악에서 구하소서 - 위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전
Photo credits

My rating: 3.6/5

Refer to this post for a detailed review of this 2020 movie!


In-nam (played by Hwang Jung Min) is a retired hitman who plans on retiring after completing his final mission in Thailand. But his successful assassination of a Japanese mobster Koraeda ends up provoking his blood brother Ray (played by Lee Jung Jae), who kidnaps In-nam’s daughter Yoo Min (played by Park So Yi). To kill Ray and get back his daughter, In-nam works with Yui (played by Park Jung Min), a transgender Korean woman living in Thailand.

황정민X이정재 역대급 액션으로 개봉하자마자 입소문 폭발 중인 '다만 악에서 구하소서' 실시간 후기 - 인사이트
Photo credits
영화 '다만 악에서 구하소서' 주연 박정민 사진 하나도 없는 이유가 있습니다” | 위키트리
Photo credits
히든카드…다만 악에서 구하소서 박정민 최고의 반전 캐릭터 | 한경닷컴
Photo credits
다만악' 황정민 '박소이, 작은 체구로 현장 장악했다'
Photo credits

15. Tazza: The High Rollers

영화 타짜 조승우 김혜수
Photo credits

My rating: 4.5/5


Gambler Go-ni (played by Cho Seung Woo) discovers he’s been set up in a game. To get revenge and get back the money he’d lost in the game, he trains under Pyung (played by Baek Yun Sik). When Go-ni meets the beautiful Madame Jeong (played by Kim Hye Soo), he’s conflicted between using his skills for profits, and adhering to the words of his teacher, Pyung.

영화리뷰]손이눈보다빠를리가.타짜(The War Of Flower.2006)
나만의 인생영화 22편: '타짜' , 2006
Photo credits

20 Hairstyles for Women Popular in Korea

1. Sharming cut & Hush Cut

레드벨벳 헤어 담당이 직접 밝힌 웬디 단발 스타일 '샤밍컷'! : 네이버 포스트
Photo Credits Red Velvet’s Wendy
Photo Credits Girls’ Generation Taeyeon
진짜 모델' 최소라의 뷰티 팁 공개 | 1boon
Photo credits Model Choi Sora

2. Layered (straight) short hair

Photo credits Actress Bae Suzy
단발레이어드컷 박규영단발 단발레이어드컷 스타일링 /헤르만헤어 의정부미용실 민락동미용실/단발레이어드컷 단발레이어드펌/단발스타일 : 네이버  블로그
Photo credits Actress Park Gyu Yeong

3. Short hair with waves/curls

Photo credits Actress Jeong So Min
박신혜, 파리 패션쇼에서 발렌시아에서 패션 홈런을 치자 | ... - #박신혜 #발렌시아에서 #치자 #파리 #패션 #패션쇼에서 #홈런을  | 중간길이 헤어스타일, 미디엄 헤어스타일, 단발 파마 머리 스타일
Photo credits Actress Park Shin Hye
김태리, '싹둑 자른 단발머리' (공항패션)
Photo credits Actress Kim Taeri

4. Just straight short hair

신예은] '에이틴' 촬영 비하인드! 그 시절 우리가 좋아했던 도하나! : 네이버 포스트 | 짧은 머리 스타일, 얼짱 소녀, 소녀 짧은  머리
Photo credits Actress Shin Ye Eun
May be an image of 1 person and smiling
Photo credits Actress Park Bo Yeong
HEI포토 아이유 트레이드마크 똑단발 | 한경닷컴
Photo credits Actress and singer IU

5. Straight long hair with no bangs

전지현 긴생머리 :: 전지현 단발,중단발,묶은머리 : 네이버 블로그
Photo credits Actress Jun Ji Hyun
아이유 흑발 잘어울림 - 자유게시판 - 코인판 - 가상화폐 커뮤니티, 비트코인 김프 사이트, 김치프리미엄, 빗썸, 업비트 시세, 갤러리
Photo credits Actress and singer IU
하백의 신부 크리스탈 무라 패션 정보 : 네이버 블로그
Photo credits Actress Krystal

6. Straight long hair with bangs

멸망 박보영 서인국과 언젠가 작품으로 만날 거라 생각했다 | 한경닷컴
Photo credits Actress Park Bo Yeong
현장포토] '상속자들' 김지원, 아련함까지 더해져 '청순미 폭발' | SBS연예뉴스
Photo credits Actress Kim Ji Won
네 맛대로 하는 연애' 강민아, 긴 생머리+일자 앞머리…'클레오 파트라 느낌' - 김하연 기자 - 톱스타뉴스
Photo credits Actress Kang Mina

7. Wavy long hair with no bangs

서은수 hashtag on Twitter
Photo credits Actress Seo Eun Soo
Hair] 연예인 긴머리 스타일, 여자 긴머리 스타일 : 네이버 블로그
Photo credits Actress Han Hyo Joo
김태리 사진모음, 배경화면 : 네이버 블로그 | 아시아의 아름다움, 미용 제품, 긴 곱슬머리
Photo credits Actress Kim Tae Ri

8. Wavy long hair with “see-through” bangs

유령' 이연희 “연기력 논란? 스스로 부족함 느껴” - 세계일보
Photo credits
아는 와이프' 지성X한지민, 설레고 가슴 벅찬 '숨멎' 엔딩 비하인드 컷 공개
Photo credits Actress Han Ji Min

9. Hippie perm

화제의 정유미 머리, 무슨 펌일까? | 1boon
Photo credits Actress Jung Yumi
여름 헤어 스타일 추천, 히피펌! | 더블유 코리아 (W Korea)
Photo credits Actress Jung Ryeo Won
인형외모로 주목받고 있는 송하윤 '쌈, 마이웨이' 비하인드 영상 - 인사이트
Photo credits Actress Song Ha Yoon

10. Long hair half-up

배꽃마을 Twitterissä: "[Pic] Epiton Project 첫사랑MV 비하인드컷 #수지 #Suzy #첫사랑 #에피톤프로젝트  cr. 비하인드더씬 | BTS FILM… "
Photo credits Actress Bae Suzy
아이돌로 알아보는 시원한 여름 헤어스타일링 | 1boon
Photo credits Blackpink Jennie
포토이슈] 송혜교, 그 겨울의 그녀
Photo credits Actress Song Hye Gyo

11. Short hair half-up

Photo credits IU
Photo credits Davichi Kang Min Kyung

12. Braids

로제 스타일변화 없다고 까이는거 있잖아 > bada - 해외 거주 한인 네트워크 바다
Photo credits Blackpink Rosé
블랙핑크 제니 '브레이드 헤어/땋은 머리로 섹시한 여전사 vs 로맨틱 변신 : 네이버 블로그
Photo credits Blackpink Jennie
UPDATE] Lee Jieun - Hotel Del Luna ; Jang Man Wol . . . . 『 #wlyiuhdl  #leejieun_iu #leejieun #iu #uaena #hoteldelluna #호텔델루나 #이지은 #이지금… | 헤어스타일,  땋은머리, 긴 머리 헤어스타일
Photo credits IU

13. Low ponytail

공효진-조인성 "딱 좋아" @괜찮아 사랑이야 7회 140813 - YouTube
Photo credits Actress Gong Hyo Jin
공승연 정유미 긴머리헤어스타일 / 마스터 국수의신 : 네이버 블로그
Photo credits Actress Gong Seung Yeon
황금빛 내 인생' 이다인, 악행 시작? 신혜선 미워할 가능성 있다 - 업다운뉴스
Photo credits Actress Lee Da In

14. High ponytail

황금빛 내 인생 - 이다인, 전노민·나영희에 서운함 폭발.. ´눈물 글썽´.20171203 ㅣ KBS방송 - YouTube
Photo credits Actress Lee Da In
쿨해지고 싶다면 하이 포니테일 | 1boon
Photo credits ITZY’s Yeji
트와이스 쯔위, 몰라보게 갸름한 턱 선+매혹 레드립 '발랄 포니테일' - 뉴스컬처
Photo credits

15. Low bun

굿와이프 전도연 패션 X 전도연 시계 디올 '라 디 드 디올 샤틴' : 네이버 블로그
Photo credits Actress Jeon Do Yeon
Photo credits Actress Song Hye Gyo
여름에 찰떡! 스타들의 다양한 번 헤어 모음☆ | 1boon
Photo credits Actress So Hee

16. High bun

Photo credits Actress Son Ye Jin
배가본드' 수지, '명불허전 톱 미모'…'시청률 보증수표' 차기작은? - 허지형 기자 - 톱스타뉴스
Photo credits Actress Bae Suzy
똥머리 아린이
Photo credits Oh my girl’s Arin

17. With hairbands

노란 머리띠 하고 '과즙미' 팡팡 터뜨린 현실판 '디즈니 공주' 장원영 | 머리 띠, 공주, 디즈니 공주
Photo credits IZONE Jang Won Young
조이 머리띠 이거 뭘까.. 짱예야.. - 인스티즈(instiz) 큰방
Photo credits Red Velvet Joy
💓주문중, 제니머리띠 블랙 리본머리띠 헤어밴드 블랙핑크 제니패션 제니헤어스타일 : 네이버 블로그
Photo credits Blackpink Jennie

18. With pins

위치에 따라 달라 보이는 헤어핀 스타일링 & 헤어핀 추천 | 1boon
Photo credits DIA Jung Chae Yeon
와 예리 머리핀 진짜 화려한 거 ㄹㅇ 찰떡 그 자체다 - 인스티즈(instiz) 큰방
Photo credits Red Velvet Yeri
레드벨벳 / 조이 ] 190616 조이 개인 인스타그램 ' Reveluv 고마워요💚😘 ' : 네이버 블로그
Photo credits Red Velvet Joy

19. With a baseball cap

뷰티인사이드 서현진 모자 볼캡 브랜드 총정리! : 네이버 블로그
Photo credits Actress Seo Hyun Jin
김소현 '언더나인틴' 합숙소 깜짝 방문, 57명 '예비돌' 응원
Photo credits Actress Kim So Hyun
블랙핑크 제니 '야구모자도 샤넬!'[포토엔HD] - 손에 잡히는 뉴스 눈에 보이는 뉴스 - 뉴스엔
Photo credits Jennie

20. Big Hair clip

Photo Credits Actress Pyo Ye Jin
Photo credits
Photo credits Actress Jang Hee Jin

Diet Methods of 6 Korean Actresses

With Covid restrictions, weight loss/ maintenance has become more challenging than ever. To inspire you on your journey to health and goal weight, here are the diet journeys of six Korean actresses!

1. Jung So Min

정소민 01
Photo credits

Jung So Min is a 32 year old Korean actress born in 1989, under Blossom Entertainment. She’s most well known for her works like “The Smile has left your eyes”

Photo credits Actor Seo In Guk and actress Jung So Min in drama “The smile has left your eyes” (2018)
Photo Credits

“Because this is my first life”,

Photo credits
이번 생은 처음이라 (tvN 월화드라마) OST - 벅스
Photo credits Actress Jung So Min and actor Lee Min Gi in “Because this is my first life” (2017)


김영광, 정소민에 고마움 표시! 이게 바로 츤데레? 디데이 15회 - YouTube
Photo credits Actor Kim Yeong Gwang and actress Jung So Min in “D-day” (2015)
정소민, 힘든 김영광에 "너무 미안해..." 눈물 폭발! 디데이 18회 - YouTube
Photo credits

and “My father is strange”.

아버지가 이상해 정소민 패션, 옷 정보! 티셔츠, 원피스, 20대 여자 여름 코디, 여름 바캉스룩 : 네이버 블로그
Photo credits
아버지가 이상해 - 정소민, 이준에 ˝왜 이렇게 잘해주세요?˝.20170528 - YouTube
Photo credits Actress Jung So Min and actor Lee Jun in “My father’s strange” (2017)

As someone who used to dance through most of her academic years, Jung So Min had always been a fit and lean actress. But after she put on a little weight for her role in drama “Playful Kiss” (2010), she garnered much attention for her 10kg weight loss in preparation for her subsequent roles in “D-day” and “My father’s strange”.

Her diet method received much attention in Korean media because of the healthy and gradual way she lost the 10kg over a year and a half.

First, she revealed in an interview that she grew various plants and fruits, like cabbage, chilli pepper, tomatoes and blueberries in the small garden in the balcony of her home. To maintain her health while losing weight, she enjoyed growing and eating the fruits and vegetables in her back garden.

정소민 집공개,조카 열무 모습-리틀 포레스트1회::오늘의 이야기
Photo credits The garden and balcony of Jung So Min’s house, which she revealed in the variety show “Little Forest” (2019)

She also made sure to eat Korean cuisine for lunch

정소민 다이어트 운동&식단 :: 윤블리 취미생활
Photo credits

and cut down the portion of her dinner, but made sure to include food high in fiber.

“Little Forest” (SBS, 2019)

She exercised by taking walks,

Credits: Jung So Min’s instagram

and going for yoga and pilates classes.

To tone up her legs and relax her body, she stretched frequently and visited oriental medicine clinics for acupuncture treatment.

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on

Using all these methods, she successfully lost back the 10kg she had gained while filming “Playful kiss” over a period of 1.5 years.

뉴스핌 - '마음의 소리' 이광수 여친 '애봉이' 정소민, 청순함 속 은근 '섹시미' 과시
Photo credits

2. Go Min Si

Go Min Si is a 26 year old Korean actress born in 1995, under Mystic Story. She’s a rising young star most well known for her works in “The Witch: Part 1: The Subversion”

마녀 고민시(명희) 나이 /김다미(자윤) 친구 : 네이버 블로그
Photo credits Movie “The Witch: Part 1: The Subversion” (2018)- actress Go Min Si and actress Kim Da Mi
김다미와 고민시,<마녀>의 동갑내기 배우가 관객을 놀래키다
Photo credits

Netflix hit “Sweet Home” (2020)

스위트홈' 씹어먹은 여고생 고민시…'마녀'보다 13㎏ 뺐죠 > 채널 | 밴쿠버 중앙일보
Photo Credits “Sweet home” (2020)
스위트홈` 고민시, 매력 포텐 제대로 터졌다 - 스타투데이
Photo Credits Actress Go Min Si and actor Lee Do Hyun

and “Love Alarm”

Love Alarm" Actress Go Min Si In Talks To Join "Jirisan" Opposite Jun Ji  Hyun And Ju Ji Hoon - Koreaboo
Photo credits

Go Min Si revealed in an interview that she deliberately put on weight for her role in “The Witch: Part 1: The Subversion” to about 58kg, but got back her weight of 48kg for her ballerina role in “Sweet Home”.

She enjoys various exercises, like yoga,

영화 마녀 배우 고민시 요가룩도 섹시 소화 S라인 볼륨몸매 : 네이버 포스트
Photo credits


Photo credits


고민시] 힐링타임이 시작되었습니다! : 네이버 포스트
Photo credits

and hiking, even with her fellow “Sweet Home” colleagues like Park Gyu Yeong

산으로가는 MZ세대! 등산 패션 스타일도 변한다...연예인 등산 패션 이모저모 : 네이버 포스트
Photo credits with fellow actress Park Gyu Yeong

and Lee Si Young.

미사 (@miminshi2) | Twitter
Photo credits with fellow actress Lee Si Young

3. Kang So Ra

Photo credits

Kang So Ra is a 31 year old Korean actress born in 1990, under Plum A&C. She’s most well known for her works like “Secret Zoo”,

싱글리스트 모바일 사이트, '해치지않아' 강소라, '털털' 매력 가득 사자 변신...1인2역 연기 도전
Photo credits Movie “Secret Zoo” (2020)


90년생' 써니 짱 강소라, 2011 충무로의 놀라운 발견[인터뷰] - 매일경제
Photo Credits Movie “Sunny” (2011)
영화 써니(2011) 과속스캔들(2008) – 유진갤러리
Photo credits

and “Misaeng”

미생 - 강소라 | Girl
Photo credits “Misaeng” (2014)
미생 강소라vs안영이 | 한경닷컴
Photo credits

She’s also well known for losing approximately 24kg to achieve her goal of enrolling into Dong-guk University as an acting student, and eventually debuting as an actress. In her interview, she revealed that she adhered to 3 rules for her diet:

First, to never over-eat, and to eat all three meals. She had yogurt and fruit for breakfast, 1/2 bowl of rice and vegetable-based side dishes,

and for dinner, cabbage, sweet potatoes and beef.

Red Chili on White Plastic Container
Pexels by Kindel Media. Sweet potatoes
Half of fresh juicy cabbage on blue surface
Pexels by Laker
Flat Lay Photography of Slice of Meat on Top of Chopping Board Sprinkled With Ground Peppercorns
Pexels by Lukas

Second, she did not eat after 6pm, refraining from eating “ya-shik” (snacks eaten at night).

Third, she kept herself as active as possible. On top of engaging in aerobic workouts, she also took up ballet.

강소라가 사랑한 발레핏 (발레+피트니스) [비욘드바디 발산점] : 네이버 블로그
Photo credits

4. Lee Ill Hwa

이일화 나이 고향
Photo credits

Lee Ill Hwa is a 50 year old Korean actress born in 1972, under Big Boss Entertainment. She’s a veteran actress known for countless dramas and movies, but most well known to the younger audience for recent works like the Reply series (1994, 1997, 1988)

이일화 "응답하라 1988" 캐스팅, 이혼 후 결혼 러브스토리 재조명
Photo credits Reply 1994, when she starred as lead actress Go Ara’s mum
부산 바다처럼 정 많은 이일화 씨, 반갑습니다 - 아시아경제
Photo credits Reply 1997, when she starred as lead actress Jung Eun Ji’s mum

이일화(응답하라 1988) - 우만위키
Photo credits Reply 1998, when she starred as lead actress Hyeri’s mum

“Master of Revenge”

마스터 - 국수의 신 - 이일화-공승연, "미안하다" 이상엽 죽음 앞에 화해.20160630 - YouTube
Photo credits “Master of revenge” (2016)

and “She was Pretty”

그녀는 예뻤다' 박서준, 황정음과 가족사진까지 "지서방"
Photo credits “She was Pretty” (2015)

Even at age 50, Lee Ill Hwa is known for her slim and fit figure. In the photo of her with Park Bo Gum on the trip to Phuket in their team of “Reply 1998” actors, she was initially mistaken for Park Bo Gum’s rumored girlfriend!

방송]박보검, 응팔 포상 휴가서 미모의 여친 공개(?) | YTN
Photo credits Lee Ill Hwa and Park Bo Gum on their trip to Phuket with their fellow “Reply 1998” actors

Lee Ill Hwa, in her interviews, said that she had taken ballet classes at “Korean National Ballet Academy”, which helped her to become more flexible and tone up her legs. Her hobbies also include exercises like regular hiking and yoga.

On top of exercise, Ill Hwa regularly drinks boiled water made from barley and brown rice

동서] 동서 보리차(10g티백*30개입) 300g - 이마트몰, 당신과 가장 가까운 이마트
Photo Credits Barley tea sold in Korea
국산유기농발아현미차, 신세계적 쇼핑포털 SSG.COM
Photo credits Brown rice tea

and detox juice made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Glass and plastic bottle with natural fruit juice on table near bowl with salad against crop blurred lady having meal
Pexels, by Anete Lusina
Carrot Fruit Beside Lemon Fruit on Black Wooden Table
Pexels by Pixabay

It’s no wonder she’s a diet inspiration to many even at her age!

이일화 20대 아냐…청바지에 흰 티만 입어도 완벽한 몸매 | 한경닷컴
Photo Credits

5. Kim Yoo Jung

2020.11 김유정 새 프로...
Photo credits

Kim Yoo Jung is a 21 year old actress born in 1999 under awesome.ent. She’s most well known for her works like

“Love in the Moonlight”

김유정 "'구르미 그린 달빛', 행복한 꿈 같아"
Photo credits
구르미 그린 달빛 종영, "여러분의 세상에도 늘 라온이 가득하시길 바랍니다…코스모스 꽃밭에서 유종의 미" - 조선일보
Photo Credits Drama “Love in the Moonlight”; actors Kwak Dong Yeon, Park Bo Gum with actress Kim Yoo Jung

“Secret Door”

비밀의 문' 김유정, 탐정으로 변신해 분위기 변화 꾀한다…"흥미진진" - 아시아경제
Photo credits
SBS [비밀의 문] - 지담(김유정), 기생분장과 세자(이제훈)와의 썸 - YouTube
Photo credits Drama “Secret door” (2014)

and “Moon Embracing the Sun”.

Photo Credits
해를 품은 달> 아역 4인방 사진 공개 - 오마이스타
Photo Credits “Moon Embracing the Sun” (2012)

To maintain her weight, Kim Yoo Jung sticks to a diet consisting of cabbage, salad and sweet pumpkins on filming days, but on her off-days, tries to add more nutritious food like sweet potato rice to her diet. She munches on healthy snacks like dried crispy yellowtail (fish), too.

She was frequently seen at the gym engaged in cross-fit.

Photo credits
Photo credits

6. Jung Yumi

배우 정유미
Photo credits

Jung Yu Mi is a 38 year old actress born in 1983, under Management Soop. She’s most well known for her works like “Train to Busan”

부산행' 감독이 마동석 부인으로 정유미 캐스팅한 이유 - 인사이트
Photo Credits Actor Ma Dong Suk and actress Jung Yu Mi in movie “Train to Busan” (2016)

“I Need Romance”

정유미, ′난 안 돌아가′ 냉정하게 진욱을 잘라내다 로맨스가필요해2012 13화 - YouTube
Actor Lee Jin Wook and actress Jung Yu Mi in “I need romance” (2012)

“The School Nurse Files”

주말eOTT] 넷플릭스에서 가장 이상한 드라마 '보건교사 안은영'(리뷰) - 이뉴스투데이
Photo Credits “School Nurse Files” (2020)

and “Discovery of Romance”.

연애의 발견 - 나무위키
Photo Credits “Discovery of Love” (2014)

To maintain her lean figure, she enjoys a variety of exercises like Tanz play,

Photo Credits From Jung Yumi’s instagram

bungee physio,

정유미 맞아? 하다하다 이젠 플라잉 요가로 '러블리♥' 폭발 - 조선일보
Photo credits from Jung Yumi’s instagram


Photo of Woman Doing Yoga
Pexels by Li Sun

and attends Personal Training (PT) sessions as well.

Photo credits Jung Yu Mi’s PT trainer (FIY: who also trained other celebs like Hyun Bin)

On the variety show “Summer Vacation”, she revealed that although she sticks to protein shakes on filming days, she tries to focus on eating healthy meals and exercises portion control.

여름방학 정유미 박서준 최우석 '닭가슴살 카레밥' 만드는 방법
Photo Credits

Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic Review

Disclaimer: I have no medical knowledge or expertise regarding TCM products and write solely based on personal experience. For safe and effective consumption of TCM medicine, please consult your doctor.

미쓰 홍당무> - '세상이 나를 미워한다면..'
Photo credits From movie “Crush and Blush” (2008) starring actress Gong Hyo Jin. The then 28 year old actress acted as middle school teacher Yang Mi Sook

Summer’s my favorite season of the year, so living in all-year-round Singapore is great. As someone who loves the warmth of the tropical sun and is glad to be away from winter, I’m glad to be living in the “little red dot”, Singapore.

Beautiful view of Singapore at night 🙂 Photo by Jahoo Clouseau on
…although my view looks more like this most of the time during exam periods… (aka most of the time lol jk) Photo by Julia M Cameron on

But the summer isn’t exactly the most compatible with my sensitive skin. Just about five minutes under the sun is enough to flush my cheeks pink and make the skin on my arms and legs itch. Sometimes, even without working out or being out in the sun, concentrating at my desk for a few hours is enough to make my cheeks tomato red too.

As someone who doesn’t like putting on make-up, I’ve tried using more “natural” methods of doing away with flushes on my face, like using cooling packs

My real squeeze mask | innisfree
Photo credits I always make sure to stock up my fridge with these! Feels so good to put one on after working out and having a cold shower

and drinking green tea.

Clear Drinking Glass With Red Liquid on White Ceramic Saucer
Photo by Taryn Elliott on

Using cooling packs is definitely useful for getting rid of the flush after a flush happens and I’m sure green tea will help reduce skin irritation and redness in the long run, but I wanted to see some more immediate effects.

So about 3 months ago, I visited Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic for a consultation with the doctor. After a brief 10-15 min-ish consultation during which she asked a couple of questions and measured my blood pressure, I received TCM medicine to help with my skin.

I received medicine which looked like this:

I dissolved each packet of powder medicine into hot water and drank it twice a day, for a week.

Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much when I received the medicine- I wasn’t much of a believer in the power of oriental medicine.

But after I finished the packets for the week and received more for the next two weeks, I started to see positive effects. The redness in my complexion that I often had was visibly going away.

(FYI: the medicine’s really bitter. I still cringe every time I drink the medicine)

If you also frequently have a flushed complexion and want to do something about it, you could consider visiting TCM and giving a consultation with the doctor a try.

More Than Family (2020) Movie Review

Rating: 3.5/5

애비규환 | 다음영화
Photo credits

“More than Family” is a comedy film featuring quite a few familiar faces like Krystal, Shin Jae Hwi, who recently starred in “True Beauty”,

최씨네 리뷰] '애비규환' 클리셰가 있었는데요, 없었습니다 - 아주경제
Photo credits

Jang Hye Jin best known for her roles in “Parasite” and “Crash Landing on You”,

장혜진 "'기생충' 통해 연기하는 동력 얻었죠" | 연합뉴스
Photo Credits
기생충' 장혜진-박명훈, '사랑의 불시착'에서 남매로 또 만났다…'씬스틸러'는 현재 진행형 - 김아현 기자 - 톱스타뉴스
Photo credits

Choi Deok Moo who most recently starred as the laundry shop owner (and a badass fighter) in drama”Vincenzo”

빈센조' 세탁소 최덕문, 가위로 철거용역 혼쭐 은둔고수 '반전' [결정적장면]
Photo credits

Nam Moon Chul who received much attention for drama “Chip in”,

십시일반 유인호 형제-조카 관계정리: 독고철과, 유해준-독고선(최규진-김시은)! 매니져 문정욱 누구? [남자 등장인물 기본정보]
Photo credits

Lee Hae-young who most recently starred in drama “River where the moon rises”

Photo Credits

Kang Mal Geum who is starring in drama”Daebak Real Estate”

Jang Nara And Kang Mal Geum Team Up As An Exorcist Dream Team In Upcoming  Drama | Soompi
Photo Credits. Actress Kang Mal Geum to the left

and many more.

The movie centers around the protagonist, To-Il (Krystal), who gets pregnant after having a relationship with her tutee. After having an argument with her mother and step father, both of whom are against her giving birth to her unborn child, she goes on a journey to find her biological father.

My personal take is that the acting is good. All actors play their roles excellently and naturally. The general flow of the plot wasn’t exactly what I liked, because the main character’s decision to look for her biological father seemed out-of-the-blue and unexplained. The rationale for her bold decision to hide her pregnancy completely from her parents until she was 5 months pregnant because she did not want to be dissuaded from giving birth by her parents, was something that was not exactly explained or showed, too.

K-Movie Review] 'More Than Family': A Delightful Family Comedy Film about  “Searching for Daddies” - ZAPZEE
Photo Credits

I do like the insightful messages about family and relationships weaved into the plot and bits of humor underlying scenes here and there, though.

Overall I think it is a pretty well made movie, just not the type of a film I like. I would recommend it for a light-hearted watch.

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