Predecessors to BTS “Dynamite”

“Dynamite”, released on 21st August, took “less than eight hours” to be viewed by “more than 45 million”. By now, that’s an unsurprising feat for BTS. The official music video has been watched by 148 million so far, and the number is expected to climb, fast. As someone who’s been an ARMY since their “Dope”Continue reading “Predecessors to BTS “Dynamite””

History of Korean men’s accessories & make-up

Silver grey hair, a seemingly statuesque face and of course, the long, eye-catching drop earring- of BTS V in the music video of “DNA” (2017) left the millions who watched (and re-watched) the clip in awe. BTS V wasn’t the first and certainly not the last K-pop idol to sport quite an unconventional accessory forContinue reading “History of Korean men’s accessories & make-up”