Han Style

Photo by James Lucian on Pexels.com

Welcome to Han Style!! :)) I’m Han Seol, a 20 year old uni student from South Korea studying in Singapore. I blog, read webtoons and novels and walk aimlessly in nature in my free time 🙂

“Welcome to Han Style”

Why “Han Style”?

This blog is like my private but public journal where I write on topics of my interest- in Korean history, culture, beauty/health products and uni life in general.

My name is Han Seol (you can call me Seol), and “Han” also refers to Korea, so there we have the name- Han Style!

Photo by Heiner on Pexels.com

Han Style

If you want to tell me something, contact me at:

Email: hanseol.style@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Han Style

    1. Hi Sheryl! Thank you so much for following Han Style as well! You have a beautiful blog. As someone who just started out blogging, I found your post on basic blog tips very helpful!

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